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Ducks & Geese of the Old Mill

One of the more delightful attractions of Damascus is the abundance of playful geese and ducks along the Laurel Creek. Mallards, Muscovy, and Canada Geese reside along the banks, and when not resting, swimming, or bringing up their youngins, they wait patiently for visitors to bring them edible treats.
cont-gooseThe large and graceful Canada Goose, normally a migratory bird, has recently come to call Damascus its permanent home. Several geese can be found nesting and foraging year-round near the Damascus Old Mill. In the spring, flocks of goslings can be found marching in file behind their parents throughout the town of Damascus.cont-mallard
The Mallard is the bright and colorful duck of the group. While more aloof and fewer in number than the other two birds, its calm demeanor is an enjoyable addition to the mix. The Mallard, or Wild Duck, is often floating in the calm of the Laurel Creek, just above the Old Mill waterfall. The “dabbling” duck is amusing to watch when they eat. The Mallard’s bottom and legs bob above the water as it tips headfirst into the water to graze on aquatic plants and vegetation on the creek floor.cont-musk
The most personable, vocal, and abundant bird on our shores of the Laurel Creek is the Muscovy duck. These birds are distinct for the red wattles on their faces. The local males are mostly white, while the females are generally grayish-brown in color. At the sight of people, the Muscovy often come quickly looking for food. Some Muscovy spend most of their time residing in the yards of creekside residents, semi-domesticated by the abundance of free food. As with the Canada Goose and the Mallard, the springtime provides the joy of myriads of ducklings roaming throughout the town. Ride and drive carefully through Damascus! The ducks and geese are often seen crossing the town streets day and night.View the gallery at the right for pictures of our beloved feathered residents.