Open for the 2024 Season May 1st

Damascus Brewery

The Damascus Brewery is a new local attractions located just a few minutes from the Damascus Old Mill.

Damascus Brewery is a small independent “craft brewery” or “microbrewery” located in Southwestern Virginia in the town of Damascus. Damascus Brewery is the first microbrewery for our town. Microbreweries (also known as craft breweries) are designated based on the overall scale of the operations, including the size of their individual batches.

Craft breweries are becoming more and more popular in the United States. The Brewers Association report that as of 2013 there were a total of 2,416 U.S. breweries, with 2,360 considered craft breweries. Each of these microbreweries has something unique to offer, and Damascus Brewery is no exception.

Adam Woodson, who used to be a rock climbing instructor in Roanoke area, has been involved with homebrewing since 2001, having started while attending RadfordUniversity. After graduating, Adam worked in the biotech and chemistry related industry before relocating to the town of Damascus. As the owner and brewmaster of Damascus Brewery, he describes his unique use of yeast starters which is why his beer is so tasty.

Presently Damascus Brewery presently creates ten types of beers: OMG Light, Reason Irish Stout, Amberdelic Amber Ale, Bimbo Blonde Ale, FunBerry, Bourbon Porter, Bazinga, Butterfly, Patagonia, and Beaver Rage IPA.

  • OMG Light – which stands for “Old Man Garrett”, my father in law, John Garrett is strictly a light beer drinker and this is my beer that he likes the best.
  • Reason Irish Stout – a nice dark Irish stout called “reason” because everyone needs a reason to drink!
  • Amberdelic Amber Ale – a nice amber ale similar to Fat Tire brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company.
  • Bimbo Blonde Ale – a nice Blonde ale
  • FunBerry – a Raspberry infused lager. very popular with the ladies and perfect for those hot summer days
  • Bourbon Porter – a rich dark porter that has been aged with roasted Jack Daniels charred oak chips.
  • Bazinga – a new style of beer called Black IPAs. Dark beer with LOTS of hop flavor and aroma
  • Butterfly – a nice light Belgium ale, very clean and crisp
  • Patagonia – a complex mix of several different dark roasted malts and 7 different types of hops
  • Beaver Rage IPA – a super hot flavored India Pale Ale


The interior of the brewery is still being developed and is growing with its popularity. What is finished is the handmade bartop, the focal point of the brewery. The wood inlay features the Brewery logo and mascot — a beer toting beaver — as well as an inset of a saw mill blade from Tripplett’s Saw Mill, previously located where the Damascus Food City now resides.

You can go to Damascus Brewery to find the beer of your choice, whether your preference is smooth, rich, dark, creamy, or stout. Damascus Brewery has a handcrafted beer you will love.  Ask us about coordinating a brewery tour and tasting.

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Want to visit Damascus?

Why choose the Damascus Inn for your Appalachian or Creeper Trail lodging? Known as “Trail Town, USA,” Damascus is traversed by several trails, including the famous Virginia Creeper Trail, Appalachian Trail, the Crooked Road Musical Heritage, the Trans-America National Bicycle, the Iron Mountain, and the Daniel Boone Heritage Trails. Damascus, Virginia is one of only a few towns where can you walk through the center of town and say you hiked the Appalachian Trail!