Open for the 2024 Season May 1st

The Damascus Old Mill, being a former grist mill refurbished into a restaurant and inn, features some beautiful and amazing architecture. Many of the original wood beams, walls, and floors are visible throughout the building.

In the restaurant and bar area, visitors will find many of the original posts and beams exposed and still serving their duty of bracing the upper floors. Portions of the waterwheel are used as the base for the bar and reception desk.

Custom woodwork is featured throughout the Old Mill, from locals and Appalachian Trail hikers over the years. The bar and reservation countertops are custom built. Much of the trim and wood decorations are hand-carved or cut by commission for our Inn.

On the walls are relics from the original grist mill, most notably original mill sacks for the sale of the mill’s home ground grains.

The most prominent features on the walls of the Damascus Old Mill are original paintings created by local artist and Appalachian Trail hiker Abbie Cashman. Each painting depicts a historical place in the Damascus area and is painted on an original Old Mill roofing tin.

The art and architecture of the Damascus Old Mill go beyond the restaurant. Each room features antique furniture or original Old Mill architecture. The grounds of the Old Mill hold many wonders of the history of the Old Mill, and offer many wonderful views.

View our photo gallery to see some of the art and architecture of the Damascus Old Mill.